All of us live, consciously or not, within constantly readjusting frames. We are constantly reconstructing the Walls of our Garden.
  • The Dwelling

    From the series Ashes to Ashes.

    2016 -2017



  • The Pillow Book

    From the series Ashes to Ashes.

    2016 – 2017

  • Ashes to Ashes…

    … Life to Life. Exploring the transformations of life as it returns to the great recycler.

    2016 –


  • The Precept of the Fields

    A story of rebirth.

    2012 – 2014
  • “Conversation”, oil on canvas, 125x175cm.

    Within Walls

    The “Garden” is our inner field of action where feelings, needs and dreams lie. A nest or a cage?

    2010 – 2011
  • People in Time


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