Born in Greece, 1975.

Major in Painting: 1994-1999 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.

Lives and works in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Member of: The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Newcomer Visarte Schweiz, Archiv Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen.

What I do and why I do it.

At the core of my work is the bipolar element of fragility and strength inherent in man, as well as in every form of life. Giving it a visual form characterises my entire process of image-making.

The variety of emotional and intellectual reactions natural forms may trigger to a sensitive eye is immeasurable. I have always found them to be the most powerful carriers of meaning. My work combines and manipulates them formally, symbolically and at times even physically, in order to create allegorical images related to the quest for a place of belonging, safety and peace in times of turmoil. The idea of self-healing and rebirth after trauma has been present throughout most of my body of work. Up to 2016, human figure was always to be seen in my images. In the recent works, however, man is absent, leaving it up to the viewer to infer metaphors of the human condition implied by the appearance of certain objects. Objects such as a bed, pillows or a raft (The Dwelling series), the withered leaves blown by the wind and the decomposing trunks (Ashes to Ashes series) lead the viewer to associations of intimacy and refuge or struggle and surrender to natural course of events. Although this direction to associations is intentional and the pictorial means consciously figurative, there is no narration of specific events taking place. Those images rather evoke memories of emotional states related to experiences where accepting and overcoming personal fragility has been made imperative for survival.

Using painting and drawing as well as the incorporation of natural materials, I trust and constantly investigate the inexhaustible potential of pictorial means to provoke guided psychological reaction.


Maria Xagorari, 2018.



2014 “The Precept of the Fields”, Argo Gallery, Athens GR.

2013 “En Route”, Y&E Vatis Gallery, Ermoupolis, GR.

2012 “Within Walls”, Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa, IL.

2011 “Within Walls”, Syros and Mykonos Municipal Galleries GR.
2008 “Tiempos de Espejos”Maria Xagorari and Karen Kruse, Ermoupolis Gallery,  Syros, GR.
2006 “The Gaze. Body and Mind”, Tsiropina Mansion, Syros, GR.
2004 “Maria Xagorari” Ermoupolis Gallery, Syros, GR.


2016 Dive in the Digital Culture, Museum of Folk Art, Athens GR. / Helios Printmaking Centre, Thessaloniki, GR.

2015 Brücke, Kunstverein Konstanz, DE.

2015 Seas Kapsiotis Gallery, Pireaus, GR. / Argo Gallery, Athens, GR.

2014 En-technos, Technopolis Gazi, Athens, GR.

2014 RED, Y&E Vatis Gallery, Syros, GR.

2013 Wine and Vine, Yiannis & Eleni Vatis Gallery, Syros, GR.

2012 First Page, Argo Gallery, Athens, GR.

2011 Myself, the other group show, AENAON Gallery, Athens GR.
2011  Art Space Gallery, Santorini, GR.
2010 Oia, Santorini, GR.
2009 Human Form in Art, Technopolis Gazi, Athens GR.
2007 ArtProcess, Trapani, IT.


July 2015 University of the Aegean, Department of Products and Systems Design Engineering. Workshop in digital media for artists.


Mural painting

Apollo Theatre, Ermoupolis (1996). Ermoupolis’ Town Hall (1999-2001). Velissaropoulos Mansion, Syros (2002-2004). (2001-2015) privately commissioned murals.

Artist’s Talks

23/24.07.2008 ArtTalk. Lectures by six artists organized by Maria Xagorari and Eileen Botsford in The Cyclades Art Gallery. Lecture by Maria Xagorari: The Portrait: Search for Identity from Rembrandt to Cindy Sherman.

05.11.2011. The artist and the model. AENAON Gallery, Athens.


4 Women Artists, Calendar 2010 by the Municipality of Ermoupolis.