Born in Greece, 1975.

Lives and works in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. Member of:   Visarte Schweiz, Archiv Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen, The Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.



Major in Painting
1994-1999 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.
July 2015 University of the Aegean, Department of Products and Systems Design Engineering. Workshop in digital media for artists.


2020 Galerie vor der Klostermauer, St. Gallen CH.
2020 Stadtgalerie Baliere, Frauenfeld CH.
2014 The Precept of the Fields, Argo Gallery, Athens GR.
2013 En Route, Y&E Vati Gallery, Featured artist by the 25th Aegean Theater festival.
2012 Within Walls, Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa IL. Under the auspices of the Embassy of Greece in Israel.
2011 Within Walls, Y&E Vati Gallery, Syros GR.
2011 The Garden, Mykonos’ Municipal Gallery GR.
2008 Tiempo de Espejos, Ermoupolis’ Municipal Gallery, Syros GR.
2006 The Gaze. Body and Mind, Tsiropina Mansion, Syros GR.
2004 Ermoupolis Municipal Gallery, Syros GR.


2020 Kunst lockt, Lokremise Wil CH

2018 Potentiale ’18, Galerie Art d’Oséra, Diepoldsau CH.

2018 Kontraste, Kunstverein Konstanz DE

2017 Madicins sans Frontieres, Argo Gallery, Athen GR.

2016 Dive in the Digital Culture, Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens GR.

2016 Helios Printmaking Centre, Thessaloniki, GR.
2015 Brücke, Kunstverein Konstanz DE.
2015 Kapsiotis Gallery, Pireaus GR.
2015 Invisible Islands, Cyclades Art Gallery GR.
2014 Red, Y&E Vati Gallery, Syros GR.
2013 Wine and Vine, Y&E Vati Gallery, Syros GR.
2012 First Page, Argo Gallery, Athens GR.
2011 Myself, the Other, AENAON Gallery, Athens GR.
2011 Artspace Gallery, Santorini GR.
2010 Oia, Santorini GR.
2009 Human Figure in Art, Technopolis Gazi, Athens GR.
2007 ArtProcess, Trapani 2007, Trapani IT.
2003 Journeys of the Mask Cyclades’ Art Gallery GR.
2002 1st of May Apothiki Gallery, Syros GR.


1st Prize Potentiale `18, Galerie Art d’Oséra


Mural painting
Apollo Theatre, Ermoupolis (1996). Ermoupolis’ Town Hall (1999-2001). Velissaropoulos Mansion, Syros (2002-2004). (2001-2015) privately commissioned murals.
Artist’s Talks
23/24.07.2008 ArtTalk. Lectures by six artists organized by Maria Xagorari and Eileen Botsford in The Cyclades Art Gallery. Lecture by Maria Xagorari: The Portrait: Search for Identity from Rembrandt to Cindy Sherman.
05.11.2011. The artist and the model. AENAON Gallery, Athens.
1999-2000 Dimitrelis Educational Group, Thessaloniki GR. Drawing and Color Theory teacher at the Graphic, Fashion and Interior Design faculties.
2006-2012 Founder and director of Chiaroscuro Studio, a Foundation School for Fine Art and Architecture, Syros GR.
2002-2015 Head of the painting groups at Lyceum of Greek Women, Syros’ department.

4 Women Artists, Calendar 2010 by the Municipality of Ermoupolis.

2013 Commisioned to design the promotional material for the 25th Aegean Theater festival. /
2013 The Artlist On-line Magazine, awarded The Artist Of The Month presentation.

Collection of the Municipality of Ermoupolis,
Private collections in Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and Luxemburg.