There was a moment in 2009 when the idea of a series of works inspired by the ancient Greek baso rilievo sculptures as well as the garden walls of the mansions in Syros’ countryside, was born in my mind. It was the very moment when I felt something very personal was taking its place in my painting. I was to call this series “The Garden”, and at the time I thought it was a finite idea which would expire by the realization of the next exhibition. While the work was progressing however, the title “Within Walls” emerged out of the paintings themselves. And they became a pictorial installation,which was first exhibited in 2011, and in which the neighborhood garden walls were transformed, by pictorial means, into the walls man surrounds himself by, either for protection or self confinement.

…simultaneously, a real garden was born right outside the studio…

It was then evident that what I had called “The Garden” was not just one series of paintings as I initially thought, but the field of my surrounding environment where I was from then on to quarry forms from, suitable to embody the concepts arising from within me. In the mean time, I became a long distance runner and Don Quijote alike, in the landscape I cross, anthropomorphic, expressive forms constantly appear before me. In my new works, pruned vines extend their members upwards, sidewards and towards the mysterious girl who appears randomly among them. Her name: Phoenix.

"Phoenix and Light", oil on canvas, 60x120cm

This body of work, this new pictorial installation, is in progress and I am eager to find out which route it will travel as I travel along with it.

"Phoenix and Light", oil on canvas, 80x120cm

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