“… In this series of paintings, the forms I borrowed from nature are those of the grape vine and the sunflower. Grape vine, with the token of each and every pruning carved on its twisting members, became for me the symbol of rebirth after every crucial, and often violent, section of life. The sunflower holds its stature erect against the sun, defying the wind which tears its leaves to shreds, always facing the bright side of the sky. The little girl borrows her name from mythological Phoenix and bears inside the inevitable regeneration of life. The cycle of eternal mutilations and renascence, the fire which transforms the withered into nurture for the freshly sprouted, the endurance against the wind; all this is the precept of the fields.”

The Precept of the Fields, oil on canvas, 360 x 120 cm


Ermion Technis Gallery, Ermoupolis, Greece. 15.06.2014 – 04.07.2014