Underwater – Undercover, 200x140cm, ash, oil and rushes on canvas.

A raft, a boat, an earthy element one can cling on to in times of turmoil and tempest. The raft is for me a metaphor for the very basic and essential means available to man, to pursue survival, following his preservation instinct. At times, the «raft» may be reduced to the mere human body and intellectual faculties.

Towards the end of rhapsody ε’ (5th) in Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus finds himself at sea, on an improvised raft, tortured by Poseidon’s wrath. He gets rid of his clothes and clings on to what remains of the vessel he crafted to take him across the sea, until he is forced to abandon it and rely for survival on the mere power of his limbs and sense.

Born at sea, the raft is for me a natural connotation for overcoming misadventure and surfing all perilous aspects of life. It appeared in my work at this time, almost catching me unawares.

Rahpsody ε΄,70 x 100 cm, ash, charcoal, pigments and oil on paper.