Within Walls Y&E Vatis Gallery

The works presented in the show titled “Within Walls” are part of a broader research the artist calls “The Garden Project”. All of us live, consciously or not, within constantly readjusting frames. The “Garden” of each and every one of us is our inner field of action. It is the place where feelings, needs, dreams lie. But is it a nest or is it a cage? Is it protective or restraining? Is it ourselves who build its walls or are they built despite ourselves? The idea of the Walls is balancing between that of protection and that of restriction. The Garden becomes the battlefield between the instinct of self preservation and rooting and the need to escape and broaden one’s horizons.

The artist’s visual input is the dazzling Aegean sunlight, the stone garden walls of the country houses and the prickly pear cactus fences that put trespassers off orchards. All these elements become symbols of the drama taking place in the garden within the walls of which, the artist wants to lead the viewer. Life size human figures parade in front of whitewashed walls, bathed in sunlight. The scale of the paintings is meant to help the viewer identify with those figures. The painterly means, the pure colors, the brushwork at times gestural, at times controlled, all talk about the love for paint. This relationship with the medium is what makes possible the embodiment of expressive content in all pictorial representation.

*Photographs by Xenia Papadimitriou

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